Meet the Cast and Crew

John Doherty, Director, Caddie Tales
Executive Producer, Sand Hill Visions

Former Caddie at Glen Oak Country Club, Glen Ellyn IL
Martin Burke as "Sauce"
Senior Caddie aka Casanova in Golf Spikes:

Spends the night in boudoirs (when he’s lucky) or sand bunkers (when he’s not). Lists his blood type as single-malt scotch.

The character Sauce is played by Martin Burke. For more information about Martin, please visit his Website:
Alison Whismore as "Marcia"
Golf Marshall:

Bouncer, hall monitor and umpire all rolled into one. Her favorite nighttime reading material? Golf rules, sub-rules and sub-sub-rules.

The character "Marcia" is played by Alison Whismore. For more information about Alison, please visit her Website:
Ross Turner as "Dean"
Master of the Universe:

But still a lifetime away from mastering the game of golf. Whether in the boardroom or at the tee box, carries an emergency stash of nitroglycerin.

The character "Dean" is played by Ross Turner. For more information about Ross, please visit his Website:
Duncan Heath as "Art"
Retired Caddiemaster:

Holds court at the local pub dubbed “The Office.” Longs for the days when golfers kept their eyes on their balls instead of their smartphones.

The character "Art" is played by Duncan Heath. For more information about Duncan, please visit his Website:
Penelope Rivas as "Vicki"
Cart Girl:

Serves up snacks to hungry golfers while doling out diet tidbits.
“Did you know that hot dogs may contain human DNA? Try the tuna sandwich instead!”

The character "Vicki" is played by Penelope Rivas. For more information about Penelope, please visit her Website:
Gregory Couch as "Paul"
Chairman of the Board:

Grapples in the rough with environmentalists about protecting endangered species – red-legged frogs and burrowing owls vs golfers!

The character "Paul" is played by Gregory Couch. For more information about Gregory, please visit his Website:
Rachel Matsuoka, Understudy
In addition to being an understudy for the characters of "Marcia" and "Vicki," Rachel performs the role of the GPS lady (voiceover) in the Scene: Test Drive.

For more information about Rachel, please visit her Website:
Christopher Price as "Duncan"
Tabloid Fodder Hollywood Celebrity:

Keeps his divorce lawyer on speed dial. Enjoys exotic cars almost as much as exotic dancers. Tips caddies as if penny stocks still cost a penny.

The character "Duncan" is played by Christoher Price. For more information about Christopher, please visit his Website:
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